My feet bunions are a constant source of pain if not regularly treated, and these guys are my go-to manage my pain and help with foot posture!

Melissa Olson 06/24/2021

I trust Alex at Ankle and Foot Clinic for foot exercises for bunions. Since I am going to the clinic, my pain has massively reduced, and I feel great changes in mobility.

Garry Alvarado 01/05/2021

The professional pedicure is the best in town. They carefully deal with any infections, swelling, or nail conditions, and I highly recommend them!

Leona Jonas 04/16/2021

I have been looking for a reliable place for getting my corns removed, and when I came across Ankle and Foot Clinic, I instantly knew this was it. Love their service and professionalism!

Margaret Flores 08/28/2021

I didn’t realize big toe was a legit problem until I went for a regular pedicure at Ankle and Foot Clinic. The treatment has made a whole lot of difference for my feet!

Susan Steed 11/12/2020

I recommend the clinic for any feet-related service. They are professional and affordable, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Rita Parks 02/19/2020

I love the comfortable chairs and peaceful vibes which make my corn-removal a little less stressful!

Anne Cole 01/10/2020

Definitely recommend them for treating flat feet in children. Don’t waste time and take your children for the treatment to avoid walking and running disabilities!

Jerry Bynum 03/17/2020

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