Plantar Warts

Plantar Warts

Plantar warts are similar to corns but are differentiated by their appearance and position on the foot. Unlike corns, plantar warts are extremely painful. These warts usually develop on the weight-bearing parts of the lower side of the foot.

Plantar warts mainly occur in groups. If left untreated, plantar warts can grow inwards and link to the internal tissues of your lower foot, causing extreme pain and discomfort when you walk or stand.

In most cases, plantar warts can be treated at home if they are in their earliest stages. However, you should consult a podiatrist immediately if these warts start bleeding, grow inwards, impact your walk, or change their texture. People with diabetes are advised to immediately seek a healthcare expert if plantar warts or any other foot-related medical condition occurs to them.

At Ankle And Foot Health Clinic, we have expert podiatrists for curing all foot-related medical conditions. We use medications, physical therapies, and other orthotic methods for curing plantar warts and other severe foot-related problems.

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