Claw Toe

Claw Toe

A Claw toe is a foot abnormality in which toes get into a claw-like position. It occurs mainly due to nerve damage caused by diabetes or excessive use of alcohol. Although the crow toe is a commonly occurring deformity, it can get worse and turn into a permanent deformity if left untreated.

Flexible Claw Toes: The early stage where toes are stiff but still flex at the joints.

Rigid Claw Toes: The late-stage where toes are stuck and no longer move.

At Ankle & Foot Health Clinic, we offer both surgical and non-surgical methods for treating claw toes. Flexible claw toes are often treated with medications, proper exercises, therapies, and precautions. However, Rigid claw toes usually require surgical treatments to be completely cured.

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