Bunion Treatment

Podiatric problems vary from flat feet to toe injury, but bunion is one of the most painful and problematic foot condition if not treated in early stages. The primary goal of bunion treatment is to instantly relieve the pain and restrict the growth of joint in the wrong direction. Ankle And Foot Health Clinic follow these mentioned treatments to completely cure the bunion and eliminate the chances of surgery.

  • Padding & Taping: It helps in minimizing the pain and allows patient to stay active.
  • Physical Therapy: We train our patients with effective and assisted physical exercises that helps in regaining the natural shape and reduces pain.
  • Medication: Along with physical therapy our doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and injection to restrict the bump from growing and relieve pain as well.
  • Orthotics: We help our patients with shoe orthotics and other devices in order to control the foot posture while functioning.


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