The Perfect Way To Spot And Treat Flat Feet In Children

The Perfect Way To Spot And Treat Flat Feet In Children

Treat Flat Feet In Children:

Once you become a parent, you have to deal with so many things on your mind, from rooms to clothes to medical bills, meals, memories, and much more.

In all of this stuff, your children’s feet will probably be low on that list. No parent thinks about the feet of their children.

All they are focused on how cute their baby is and the time they are going to spend with that cute little life they just bought into the world. However, now feet have become an important thing to notice. Flat feet in children are becoming more and more common, and therefore, it is vital to take notice of your feet.

The reason why flat feet in children are increasingly common is because of the fact that the children and their bones are soft, fragile, and extremely flexible.

Most children have flat feet, but they outgrow this condition when they reach the age of six. But there are many children as well who do not outgrow this condition and require treatments.

As the name suggests, the flat feet in children are when you have a flat foot or, in other words, have no arch in your foot. In children, flat feet mean that most of the feet touch the floor. Although the flat feet in children are related to the bones, the problem begins with the heel of the foot.

Once your child starts walking, the heel bone of the foot rotates inwards, which causes the entire foot to collapse, and thus, no arch is formed. Although the flat feet in children are not alarming, if you see that they have flat feet 6 years after their birth, it is vital to keep an eye on them. Excessive flat feet in children can cause.

  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Clumsiness
  • Development delays

Yes, almost every child has flat feet, but it can become highly dangerous over time if it is not treated. Early recognition and diagnosis can help to treat the flat feet in children effectively. No matter if it is by birth or caused by other things like obesity or arthritis, it can cause problems in functioning and mobility.

flat feet in children

How Can You Spot Flat Feet?

Now, if you want to spot the flat feet in children, you need to go to professional doctors or podiatrists who are well-trained, experienced, and experts with foot problems.

The professional podiatrists will evaluate the flat feet in children by conducting an X-ray or by making your kid stand and then evaluating the arches of their foot. The X-ray will provide them with a detailed bone structure and information related to the flat feet in children.

How Are Flat Feet Managed Or Treated?

The treatment of flat feet in children has always been super controversial. The science and research have very limited conclusions regarding the treatment of flat feet in children.

Many children who have flat feet do not have significant problems or require treatment, but those who suffer from severe flat feet in children should visit the professionals and experts and get the proper treatments.

When the flat feet in children result in stiffness and constant pain, it means there is a strong need to visit professionals. Rigid flat feet in children and the problems with bones and their tendons should be left to professionals. However, there are different kinds of treatments as well.

Orthotic Devices

Orthotic devices are medical devices that one wears in their shoes that provide comfort and cushioning to the feet. The orthotic devices can help the flat feet in children as it allows children to walk, run, and stand properly.

This also relieves the pain caused by flat feet. If you can not find the perfect arch support for your children, you can visit the professional podiatrists who can provide you with custom-designed, which will be made by keeping the contour of your child’s feet in mind. They will not only fit perfectly but will also reduce pain.

flat feet in children

Stretching Exercises

The best treatment for the flat feet is by making them do workouts and stretching. According to several types of research, children who have flat feet tend to have very short Achilles tendons. Stretching and exercising can help to stretch the tendon, which may help in flat feet.

Supportive Shoes

It is important to understand that shoes play a critical and vital role when flat feet are in children. Therefore, make sure you get your child a structurally supportive shoe that keeps their feet comfortable and provides support.


Lastly, suppose the flat feet in children are getting severe and are causing extreme hindrance and obstacles to mobility and daily life functioning. In that case, your last resort for treating flat feet is surgery. Surgery can cure the flat feet in children and can also enhance the quality of the child’s life.


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