Top 4 Treatments For Hidden Plantar Warts

Top 4 Treatments For Hidden Plantar Warts

Plantar Wart Treatment:

Years ago, we saw a heart-wrenching story of an Indonesian man called the tree man because of his condition called warts. That was the first time when the world got to know about how deadly warts can be. Things get horrendous super-fast, from affecting daily life to mocking people’s faces.

But when we talk about plantar warts, they are not as harmful or scary as warts discussed above. Plantar warts grow in the plantar fascia at the bottom of the foot. The plantar wards occur in the areas of the feet where the pressure is greatest, that is, the heel and the ball of the foot.

The plantar wart is small little bumps that are non-cancerous and might even go away by themselves in a year or two, but if they are getting worse or spreading, they require solid treatment and specialized care.

From ball to heel, between fingers, warts can show up anywhere. If the plantar wards are spreading or causing pain, you have to get the plantar wart treatment. The biggest reason why everyone should opt for the plantar wart treatment from an early stage is that plantar warts will soon start to grow inward, which is dangerous. Our feet are under constant pressure and weight. Thus, warts that are growing on the skin will start to grow inwards due to immense weight and pressure.

Like all other warts, plantar warts are caused when a virus enters the body through scrapes and cuts and is contagious. They can commonly spread through swimming pools, yoga mats, same gyms, or any other group activities. Therefore, if you are experiencing them, it is time to rush into specialized care and get the plantar wart treatment.

In the beginning, plantar warts look like small bumps and are the size of a pencil eraser; however, with time, they grow bigger, and in severe cases, they start growing in clusters which causes hindrance in daily life activities. The constant movement and walking flats out the surface and cause plantar warts to grow inwards.

Plantar warts thus grow under the thick layer of skin, and when the time for removal comes, the doctor or the podiatrist has to cut down the skin gently to remove them. As they occur on feet, especially on heels, toes, and balls, they constantly send you a reminder of their presence.

Plantar Wart Treatment

For people who do not know, the main thing you need to know about plantar warts is that no over-the-counter medicines and creams are effective when it comes to plantar warts. The plantar wart treatment is extensive, and it is highly suggested and important that you get the plantar wart treatment from professional podiatrists and doctors.

Remember that the seed of the plantar goes deep, and removing it yourself at home can cause more growth of plantar warts. Therefore, skip the thought of over-the-counter medicines and opt for these 4 plantar wart treatments.

Plantar Wart Freezing

Many people use cryotherapy for a lot of things. From foot pain to warts, cryotherapy is turning out to be the most amazing and beneficial. When it comes to plantar wart treatment, freezing the ward and removing it is an extremely effective option. Basically, in this plantar wart treatment, the warts are sprayed and dabbed with liquid nitrogen, which simply destroys the tissue the wart is growing in. therefore, in a week or so, as the tissue dies, there will be blisters, and over time the dead skin will be gone. One thing to keep in mind during this plantar wart treatment is that plantar warts go very deep in the skin and thus are harder to reach. So the freezing part can be painful. Getting cryotherapy once every two weeks will eventually remove entire warts.

Podiatry Services

As mentioned above, plantar warts occur in groups and clusters, and if left untreated, they grow inwards and create links with internal tissues, which causes pain and discomfort. No matter how early-stage you are, the best thing is to consult professional podiatry services if you have plantar warts. The best plantar wart treatment is to consult the professionals and get treatment according to them. From using physical therapies to orthotic methods and even surgeries, podiatry services can help a lot in the plantar wart treatment.

Plantar Wart Treatment

Tea Tree Oil

Historically, tea tree oil has been used as an antiseptic for every kind of fungal infection and wound. Tea tree oil is also a plantar wart treatment. All you need to do is apply a small amount of tea tree oil and some carrier oil to the affected area twice a day.

Plantar Wart Removal Surgery

If every other plantar wart treatment fails, your last resort will be surgery. Therefore, if your plantar warts are getting severe and causing extreme trouble and pain, then it is time to opt for the surgeries. When it comes to plantar warts removal surgery, you have three different options to choose from.

  • Electrosurgery – this involves an electric needle by which the professionals cut out the infected war tissue
  • Curettage – this plantar wart treatment involves a spoon-like instrument that dugs out warts
  • Laser surgery – lastly, the laser plantar wart treatment is when the professionals use a laser to burn down the tiny blood vessels that every wart has to live. Once the supply of blood is disconnected permanently, the infected tissue and wart dry and fall off. The best thing about this plantar wart treatment is that it will leave no scarring


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