Orthopedic Surgeon or Podiatrist – Choose for Bunion Treatment?

Orthopedic Surgeon or Podiatrist – Choose for Bunion Treatment?

Orthopedic Surgeon:

Orthopedic and podiatrist – people use these words interchangeably. Since both are related to foot and ankle-related health issues, it gets difficult for people to decide which one to visit when facing or suffering from foot-related issues.

Both of them, the podiatrist and Orthopedic Surgeon, have surgical specialties and are certified and licensed. They work side by side and in some hospitals as well.

Here we are specifically talking about bunions, which are caused when the base of the big toe abnormally points outward and becomes red, painful, and swollen.

A bunion is a big bump that may look harmless, but if it’s left untreated and unsupervised, the condition can take a drastic turn, and thus, walking and even standing will become extremely difficult. Both orthopedic and podiatrists can treat the bunions, but the main difference between them lies in the ways and systems they opt for the treatment.

Both are concerned about the muscles, ligaments, and tissues of the ankle and foot. However, when it comes to bunions, it is important to know that they are caused by excessive weight or putting too much pressure on the big toe, resulting in a callus on the side.

A bunion is very common among people, but when it comes to treatment, people are often confused about who to choose. No matter which option you opt for, it is vital to remember that bunions are treated in two ways, either to get the best bunion surgery in Chagrin Falls or to opt for non-surgical methods.

As a patient, it is vital that you know and explores all the possible options, and once you are well aware of them, you will be able to make the right decision in choosing between an orthopedic surgeon and podiatrist.

orthopedic surgeon


The very first option you have to treat bunion is the podiatrist. Podiatrists are professionals who have specialized in foot and ankle-related pains, conditions, and disorders. Although they have received the same training, they largely focus on the foot and ankle.

According to medical statistics, when it comes to foot and ankle-related disorders and conditions, around 39% of patient prefers podiatrist, while only 15% chooses Orthopedic Surgeon. From providing the best bunion surgery in Chagrin Falls to other relatively less invasive and non-surgical treatments like opting for wider shoes, physical therapies, bunion pads, and much more.

People who want to opt for the best bunion surgery in Chagrin Falls to completely get rid of the bunion should know that a podiatrist is licensed and certified to carry out all surgical procedures. Since they are foot and ankle specialists, they must have seen and treated different kinds of diverse cases of bunions over time. Their qualification, experience, and professionalism will ensure they provide the right and customized treatment for your bunions.

From making a diagnosis to making a strong personalized treatment plan for their patient, when necessary, they make sure to provide the best bunion surgery in Chagrin Falls; otherwise, they develop a treatment plan to help out the patient through other processes.

The certified and professional podiatrist possesses expertise and experience in surgical techniques and has an abundance of knowledge when it comes to foot conditions such as ingrown nails, bunions, warts, hammer toes, athletes’ feet, flat feet, and many more.

Their extensive knowledge and expertise allow them to treat severe foot and ankle ailments through the best bunion surgery in Chagrin Falls. Although they begin with conservative medical treatments like physical therapies, if they turn out to be a failure, providing the best bunion surgery in Chagrin Falls will be their next step.

By choosing the right professional podiatrist, you can get rid of the bunion along with making a full recovery in less than 12 weeks.

Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic surgeon are doctors who specialize in the body’s musculoskeletal system. In easy words, they specialize in the muscles, ligaments, tissues, and bones of the entire body. Remember that there are more than 200 bones, and the orthopedic surgeon fix all of them and their related issues.

The orthopedic surgeon understand how bones within our body function and ensure that the conditions patients face remain at bay and do not recur or progress. They can also provide the best bunion surgery in Chagrin Falls, which will reduce pain and prevent the bunion from returning.

Their training and education are based on the generalized approach that covers the entire body, from shoulder to hips to knees and arms. Orthopedic surgeon can solve every kind of bone trouble or condition.

To Conclude

Bunions can be very painful when left untreated; therefore, it is vital that you make the right decision when choosing between Podiatric surgeons and podiatrists. When choosing the best bunion surgery in Chagrin Falls, you need to make sure that you choose the one with more expertise and experience and displays a certain level of professionalism.

We would obviously recommend opting for the one that is surgical trained and is qualified to carry out the best bunion surgery in Chagrin Falls.

For bunions, podiatrists would be an excellent choice because they specialize in foot and ankle related issues. They will ensure that your bunion is not only treated well but will also ensure that it does not reoccur.


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