6 Things You Need to Know About Bunion Treatment

6 Things You Need to Know About Bunion Treatment

Bunion Treatment

Bunion Treatment : Havbunion treatmente you ever experienced a painful bony lump on the outer side of the big toe? It is an extremely irritating condition mainly caused by pressure from the walking way or the shape of your foot. The big toe shape helps in bending towards the second toe.

We have to remember that Bunions progress slowly over time. The pain can worsen while standing for long periods and wearing narrow shoes. However, these things are not the main cause of the problem.

If you face this condition, you must be wondering about its treatment. Don’t worry; here are six things that you need to know to get the best bunion treatment.

Bunion Surgerybunion treatment

Bunion treatment surgery is the most preferred method to treat this ailment as experienced surgeons normally carry it out. It is conducted to decrease the pain and rectify the irregularity caused by this condition. A bunion or a hallux valgus can be categorized as an enlargement of the bone or tissue around a joint at the bottom of the big toe or the bottom of the little toe. It is also known as a “bunionette” or “tailor’s bunion.

Bunions are often created whenever the joint is pressurized over a long period. It is caused in females mainly because they mainly wear tight, pointed, and restricting shoes. Bunions may be inherited as a family trait. Bunions may also result from arthritis. This often affects the big toe joint.

Before Surgery

Before surgery is considered, your healthcare provider might recommend wearing comfortable and well-fitted footwear.

They might also suggest carrying out bunion treatment by using binds and orthotics to reposition the big toe or offering a pad. The bunions are also caused by arthritis medicines that help in reducing pain and swelling.

Treating Bunions Without Surgery

It is quite possible to carry out bunion treatment through non-surgical means. But some actions are often taken to be more comfortable or slow down a bunion’s progress.

Some people treat it easily by just wearing adequately fitting shoes. You also have to select low-heeled, easy-going shoes that offer plenty of space for your toes and the extensive part of the foot.

Homemade Solutions

Some medical experts like Dr. Stock believe that this matter can be solved through the following five simple approaches:

  • It is possible to control its bad effects by protecting the bunion with a moleskin or gel-filled pad easily available at a drugstore.
  • You can use shoe additions to position the foot in the correct position. They might be over-the-counter arch supports or prescription orthotic instruments.
  • Sometimes doctors also guide us to wear a splint at night to grip the toe straight and ease the discomfort.
  • You can also treat this ailment by using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen.
  • If you want to treat them correctly, you might use warm soaks, ultrasound, ice packs, whirlpool, and massage.

Maintaining A Healthy Weight

The patient can solve this issue by maintaining a healthy weight. It can be done by eating a balanced diet comprising fruits, vegetables, and meat.

Using Well Fitted Footwear

You can easily buy well-fitting footwear that’s wide in the toe part. You can also shop it at a store where the staff is always present to measure your foot and can fit you with a suitable shoe.

Some people are also interested in curing their bunions by stretching the feet to readjust the toes or utilizing devices such as toe spacers or bunion splints.

Bunion Treatment by Ankle and Foot Health Clinic

The basic objective of these Podiatric problems varies from flat feet to toe injury, but bunion is one of the sorest and most tricky foot conditions. The primary goal of its bunion treatment is to rapidly dismiss the pain and limit joint growth on the wrong track.

Ankle and Foot Health Clinic follows these kinds of below-mentioned treatments to cure the bunion and eradicate the chances of surgery.

Padding & Taping

Padding & Taping is the technique that helps in diminishing the pain and permits patients to stay active.

Physical Therapy

The company also trains patients with active and helpful physical exercises that aid in regaining their natural shape and decreases pain.


Medication and physical therapy are used by its doctors. They mainly prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and injections to control the bump from growing and relieve pain.


In addition to that, the company staff helps our patients with shoe orthotics and other devices to control the foot posture while functioning.

Final Words

Suppose you are also suffering from this disease and looking for appropriate treatment. Then, you must try out the solutions provided by Podiatric experts. Ankle and foot health clinic is one of those companies with a team of experts dealing with these conditions.

The company houses knowledgeable healthcare professionals who offer expert podiatric care to treat your ankle and foot-related problems.


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