Are Flat Feet In Children Dangerous? – When To Get Them Treated?

Are Flat Feet In Children Dangerous? – When To Get Them Treated?

Flat Feet In Children:

Every parent has unconditional love for their children. Parents make sure to provide excellent care, education, warmth, and comfort to their children and do whatever is in their control to ensure their child lives happy life. One thing, however, which they do not have power on is the genetic diseases their child has.

One of such conditions is flat feet in children. It is one of the most common conditions, and around 1 in 10 children suffers from it. Flat feet basically mean that children have no arches or curves in their feet.

When most feet touch the ground and there is no gap, curve, or arch, the person tends to suffer from flat feet. When we talk about flat feet, especially in children, many children have it since their birth, but by the time they turn six or seven, it has been seen that around 85% of children outgrow this condition and develop an arch in their feet.

However, the remaining 15% who do not outgrow this condition, many of them do not require any treatment. But children who have constant pain in their joints, ligaments, and muscles require proper flat feet in children’s treatment in Ohio. The pain can cause hindrance in their mobility and their daily functioning.

There are several reasons and causes of flat feet, one of which is the inward rotation of the heel bone in the foot when your children begin to walk. Other possible reasons could be injuries, low muscle tone, or excessive weight.

Yes, we all love healthy chubby babies but if your child has gotten overweight, keep in mind that in the early days, when they begin to walk, the entire pressure and weight of the body would be on the feet, which can also result in flat feet.

Although flat feet are not dangerous if your child has not outgrown them and if they suffer from regular pains, it is time that you get the best flat feet in children’s treatment in Ohio. Otherwise, prolonged and untreated flat feet can cause problems like:

  • Joint pain
  • Muscle exhaustion/weakness
  • Improper walking pattern
  • Possible toe walking
  • Poor foot development
  • Fatigue
  • Clumsiness
  • Development delays

The advanced and professional flat feet in children’s treatment in Ohio help relieve the pain and allow children to obtain the normal feet shape and growth.

Leaving any disease or condition untreated, unattended, and unchecked can cause trouble. The same is the case with flat feet. If it is not treated, it can become dangerous. Early diagnosis and medical help can in lowering down the pain significantly. The advanced flat feet in children’s treatment in Ohio will significantly enhance the quality of life of your children and will also help discover if your child has any underlying issues like arthritis.

flat feet in children

As mentioned above, if your child does not feel or suffer from any pain, discomfort, or hindrance in daily functioning, then consulting the doctor is not important. But if the flat feet are progressing negatively, which means clumsiness, development delays, and pain, then these are signs when one must take their child to the doctor for the flat feet in children’s treatment Ohio. There are several different kinds of flat feet in children’s treatment in Ohio that are not used on children to counter their problems, minimize pain and discomfort, or completely obtain the arch.

How Are Flat Feet Managed Or Treated?

The topic of flat feet in children’s treatment in Ohio has always been so controversial. The reason behind this is when we talk about flat feet, the science and research about the treatment of flat feet are quite limited. However, now there are a lot of physical therapies and well-structured customized shoes that can help significantly with pain. If the stiffness and pain are growing, you can opt for rigid and strong flat feet in children’s treatments in Ohio, which will alleviate the pain but will also improve the conditions of bones, tendons, and ligaments.


The very first and the best flat feet in children’s treatment in Ohio is to have surgery. The flat feet children who suffer from extreme hindrance in their daily functioning must have surgery. The surgery will ensure that the flat foot is reconstructed and the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that are deformed. Once all the deformities are corrected, and the foot is restored, your child will gain back their mobility and will develop the arch in their foot.

Orthotic Devices

Another medical discipline that has been gaining momentum is the Orthotic. Orthotic devices are customized and designed to provide extreme care and support to the foot. These devices are placed inside the shoes that will not only support the child in walking, running, and standing. The pain will be alleviated soon because these devices are carved like the contours of your child’s feet. Thus, these will not only fit well and will minimize the discomfort.


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