How To Treat Bunion Pain Without Surgery?

How To Treat Bunion Pain Without Surgery?

There are many problems and conditions when it comes to feet. Most of them are extremely problematic and thus are required to be treated expertly from an early stage. One such problem or condition is known as a bunion pain.

You might have seen some feet that have a little bone on the joint of the big toe. Many people might think it’s just a deformity or just a painless bone sticking out, but in reality, a bunion is the most painful condition a person faces. A bunion is basically a bony bump that forms on the joint of the big toe and causes a lot of pain. This usually happens when the bones of your feet are moved out of the places.

This bump might look very tiny and harmless, but it causes pain, inflammation, and swelling and distorts the shape of your entire foot. Once the bunion starts developing, the tip of your big toe gets pulled toward the smaller toes of your foot.

The red sore skin makes it difficult for people to walk and puts a lot of pressure. Other foot conditions form and show up instantly, but on the other hand, the bunions develop pretty slowly.

You will gradually see that the shape, structure, ligaments, tendons, and bones’ positions change and result in a bunion. Not receiving appropriate bunion treatment can worsen the pain over time. So much so that a time will come when you will not be able to wear shoes or walk properly.

When we talk about bunion pain  treatment, you might think that surgery will solve this instantly, and you are right, but other non-surgical bunion treatments actually work the best. The non-surgical bunion treatment does not reverse it, but they help reduce pain and stop the bunion from worsening. Surgery will remove the bunion from the root, but if you do not want to opt for surgery, you can opt for other bunion treatment that does not help get rid of the problem certainly slows down the progression of this problem.

Some of the common symptoms of the bunions are:

  • Constant pain
  • A seeable bump on the side of your foot
  • Less movement in the big toe
  • Tribulation in finding well-fitting shoes

With bunions, surgery is not the last resort; here are some non-surgical bunion treatments.

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Changes In Footwear

The non-surgical bunion treatment might not reverse the bump, but it can lower the bunion pain significantly. For this, all you need to do is to bring changes in your footwear. This bunion treatment involves wearing no-heel comfortable shoes.

Usually, a size bigger than you so that your big toe and the bump have enough space. It has been seen that bunion pain, redness, and swelling can be minimized if the shoes are switched. Opt for shoes that have a wide area or can be stretched out so that it does not put pressure on the big toe and bunion.


The market is full of silicone pads that can be worn inside the shoe to provide ultra comfort and protective cushioning over the bunion. The silicone pad will stop the bunion from getting scratched or rubbed by the shoe.


Experts working at clinics like ankle and foot health clinics prescribe people anti-inflammatory medications and injections to hinder the growth of the bump. These not only relieve the bunion pain but also help to minimize the bump. Moreover, the professionals will also prescribe medications for the pain, swelling, and redness.

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Another bunion treatment is orthotics that can help the progression of the bump. The orthotics are medical devices that you wear inside a shoe. The orthotics make sure that the weight of your body is evenly distributed to the entire foot, so there is such excessive pressure on the big toe and the bunion.

Physical Therapy

Physical workouts and therapies also help to treat bunion pain. In this bunion treatment, patients carry out physical exercises that help them regain the natural shape of their feet and reduce the pain significantly.

Soak Your Feet To Relieve Pain

If you have a bunion and you spend long days at work, we understand how painful and irritated you must get when you come home. Thus, after a long day of work and standing on your feet, you can put your feet in nice warm water to relieve the pain. Also, pour a tablespoon of Epsom salt for better results. You can do this every day at least two times.


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