Bunion Pain Without Surgery: Everything You Need to Know

Bunion Pain Without Surgery: Everything You Need to Know

6 Ways To Get Rid Of Bunion Pain Without Surgery:

Here is a fun fact about your feet. Did you know that our feet are made up of 26 bones, 30+ joints, and more than 100 muscles and ligaments? If even one bone or muscle gets damaged, it affects the overall functioning of our body.

Our body organs are a crucial part of our lives, of course, but there are so many kinds of pains, diseases, and problems associated with them. If we talk about feet, we witness so many people suffering bunion pain.

A bunion is basically a small little bump that forms on the joint at the base of your big toe. The bunion bump juts out, causes pain and inflammation, and distorts your foot’s entire shape.

The bunion is caused when a bone or tissue in our foot moves out of the place. It is hard to detect in the early stages, so this unaddressed or untreated issue, when combined with years of abnormal motion and pressure on the joint, causes the big toe to bend towards the other toes, and the bump just pops out.

The bump carries the weight of your entire body while walking or standing. This can cause severe pain in the bunion. Over time, if the bunion is left untreated, the bump will become stiff, sore, and inflamed.

If you look at the bunion bump, it may appear to you that it is small and harmless, but the internal discomfort and bunion pain it causes are almost unbearable. Swelling, bad shape, irritation, and pain come with the bunion.

The red bump then starts to get rubbed on the shoes and sandals, making it difficult for the people to walk. Other conditions and problems related to foot might show up pretty soon, but bunion takes a lot of time to develop and eventually shows its symptoms quite late.

If you are suffering from bunion pain and want to get rid of it without surgery, then here are some of the best alternative bunion treatments in Chagrin Falls that can help you get rid of the bunion pain.

Bunion Pain

Try Bunion Pads

When we talk about bunion treatment in Chagrin Falls, the first thing that comes to their mind is surgery, but there are other best and less risky bunion treatments in Chagrin Falls out there.

One of which is the bunion pads. If you take a quick scan of the stores, you will see tons of bunions products, but not all of them work.

However, when it comes to bunion pads, it has been seen and tested that they do provide relief to the pain and inflammation it causes.

The bunion pads come with soft-gel-filled pads, which are supposed to be put outside on the bump, or one can also keep inside the shoes so that walking becomes easy and less painful.

One can also get custom-made pads that fit the size of their bump and hold your foot in the right position and prevent the bump from rubbing on the shoe.


Clinics such as Ankle and foot health clinics provide some high-quality medicines that not only bring down the inflammation and the bunion pain but also help to stop the growth of the bump.

After surgery, taking medications is one of the best bunion treatments in Chagrin Falls because it not only relieves the pain but also minimizes the swelling and stops the growth of the bump.

Physical Therapy

There are so many problems and conditions which are solved and stopped by physical therapies. When it comes to bunion pain, expert and professional healthcare experts like ankle and foot clinics provide extra-ordinary help to patients by planning out several kinds of physical therapies that reduce the bunion pain of the people and help them to gain their posture and natural shape back.

The therapies and exercise help people restore their strength, flexibility, range of motion, and much more. The most common physical therapies that are used to treat bunion pain are soft tissue mobilization and range of motion stretching.

Soak Your Feet to Relieve Pain

The constant sharp pain is what makes the bunion worse. From creating problems in walking and standing, the bunion pain gets elevated with time. Another great bunion treatment at Chagrin Falls is soaking the feet in warm water. All you need to do is to get lukewarm water and add some salt or Epsom salt that will help to lessen the pain, inflammation, and redness in the foot. Doing this two times a day can help a lot with the bunion.

Changes in Footwear

One of the best bunion treatments in Chagrin Falls is to bring changes in your footwear. If you are taking the prescribed medications and doing physical therapies, opting for shoes that are a bit bigger than your original size can also help to get rid of the bump. Tight-fitted shoes basically irritate the bump and cause growth in inflammation and redness. The swelling will automatically go down with soft, comforting, and bigger shoes. When the bump has enough space and a wide area to rest, it will help with pressure on the big toe and the bump.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Not just for the bunion, but maintaining a proper healthy weight is important for our overall functioning. By maintaining a healthy weight, one would not only put less pressure on the foot but will also get rid of the pain. Moreover, if the bunion is still in an early stage, the managed and healthy weight will stop its growth.


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