5 Things You Need To Know About Big Toe Pain If You Are An Athlete

5 Things You Need To Know About Big Toe Pain If You Are An Athlete

Big Toe Pain

Anyone can opt for sports, but only a few reach the professional and world level. Reaching and accomplishing goals is challenging and hard for athletes as they are always required to stay fit and stand firm on their toes. Do you know what the best part about being an athlete is? Over time, they master the art of endurance and manage not to crack under pressure.

Every joint in the athlete’s body carries a lot of pressure and body weight and if they begin hurting, they know that they are in for a bad day. The tolerance of pain might be high in athletes, but we all know if the pain is left untreated or unattended, they grow over time, and a time comes when they are simply unbearable.

This is exactly what happens with big toe pain. Big toe pain is a common ailment that every athlete faces and endures. This can be a symptom of a serious underlying condition, but mostly one gets it during practicing or playing.

The big toe pain brings sharp pain along with other issues. Therefore, the big toe pain needs specialized care and monitoring. As an athlete, you might know what big toe pain is but for people who do not know; the big toe pain is a result of an injury during sporting activities.

People who are dancers, gymnasts, basketball players, soccer, or even those who participate in the race can develop big toe pain. When they are playing or practicing, their big toe is repeatedly flexing on hard surfaces, which causes excessive stretching, tearing, and ligaments.

The excessive bending of your big toe upward can cause sprain or injury and big toe pain. Moreover, if the feet are banging and striking on the hard surface,s again and again, this can also cause big toe pain.

The big toe pain starts pretty normally; however, if it is not addressed properly, the overall situation and pain can take disastrous turns. Therefore, it is vital to check and be alert if you have any unusual symptoms.

The big toe pain is hard to identify; thus, here are the 5 important things you need to know about the big toe pain.

The Causes

As mentioned above, the big toe pain can have different underlying conditions. For example, if one suffers from arthritis or diabetes, even the hallux rigidus can cause big toe pain.

A sporting injury doesn’t have to bring pain, but if you have prevalent conditions, this can also cause big toe pain.

The Big Toe Pain Recovery Time

Big Toe Pain Recovery Time

Athletes always look for ways to stay fit, healthy, and on-field, but sometimes things can take nasty turns. As an athlete, this is something you might wanna know. If the big toe pain has gotten severe over time and you need to get specialized care from a podiatrist, you may be wondering for how long you’ll have to stay home and recover, right?

Well although the recovery time solely depends on the kind of injury you have. Thus, the recovery time can last up to 6 weeks to even 16 weeks.

Shoes For Big Toe Pain

Every athlete wants to have a wardrobe full of sporting shoes. From Nike to Adidas, Puma, and Reebok, they want it all.

But if you are someone who experiences big toe pain, it is vital to remember that the kind of shoes you will wear can increase or decrease your big toe pain.

The safest thing is to find shoes with a lot of room to keep your big toe properly. You can either buy shoes that have soft cushioning soles for your big toe pain, and if you had experienced big toe pain previously, but now you are fine and want to prevent it from happening again, you can opt for the shoes that are a bit stiff. The stiff shoes will keep your big toe from bending too much or too far.

When To Contact A Doctor

If you search google, you will find several different and easy ways to treat and cure big toe pain. This is kind a right because most big toe pain cases can be treated with over-the-counter medicines; however, in some cases, where the big toe pain is a symptom of some other condition, it requires in-depth treatment. Therefore, keep an eye on your big toe; if you see the situation getting worse, for example, unusual swelling, developing pus around the big toe, loss of feeling, numbness, pin sensation over time, it is time to contact a doctor.

Otherwise, if it’s a normal sporting injury, the big toe pain can be cured by resting, icing the big toe, putting compression and elevation, and using the famous RICE methods.

Physical Treatment

Not many people opt for this, but as an athlete, you need to know that physical workouts, therapies, and massages can also naturally heal big toe pain. Yes, it might take time, but these permanently heal the big toe pain.


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