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Dr Irina Gross DPM did her undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, majoring in allied health. She is a Buckeye at heart! She got her Doctorate from Kent State University Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in Cleveland, Ohio.
Dr Irina Gross did her three-year surgical residency in Baltimore/Washington, VA Maryland Health Care System with three years of rotation in Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics, Bethesda National/Fort Meade, University of Maryland/Johns Hopkins Medical Center.
She joined a group practice in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It was a good opportunity as she served as an attending for UPMC based podiatric residency as well as performing multiple surgical cases. She performed many surgeries from bunion and hammertoes to adult and pediatric flat foot and cavovarus reconstruction, as well as many ankle and foot trauma. She also participated in treating diabetic wounds along with many regular podiatric care cases.
Later, she moved back to Ohio and joined a podiatric group practice in Youngstown for two years. She enjoyed participating in Youngstown's residency program as an attending, performing many surgical and nonsurgical podiatric cases. Here she also learned about helping the underprivileged population in Northeast Ohio and it became her passion to help the less fortunate people with podiatric problems.
Unfortunately, COVID took the best of us. We started months before the COVID epidemic and had to close our practice almost immediately. COVID took lives and human health, changed the priorities and future vision.
We forgave many bills for our patients due to the hardship. Now, we are looking forward to living normal lives again and are proud to have an opportunity to serve our community.
If it's your first surgical consult or second opinion, if you are diabetic with wounds or require regular podiatric care, please don't hesitate to see us, and we will try our best to help you.

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Our health services cover detailed diagnosis and treatment of multiple ankle and feet problems, whether caused by an injury or naturally.

We specialize in podiatry and have years of experience in this field. We offer foot care services to both adults and children.

Regardless matter the sort of foot problem that brings patients to our podiatry clinic, the staff is ready to help with compassion and professionalism. AFHC team's doctors have professional expertise and are dedicated to serving and helping the community. We not only provide treatment to our patients but also educate them with proper knowledge related to their medical conditions.

The team of board-certified doctors specializes in all aspects of podiatry, from surgery to foot health and diabetic care, as well as physical therapies. They strive to keep up with the latest innovations in podiatry and deliver responsible, ethical care, ensuring patients are involved in decision-making and fully understand their medical needs.

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