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We provide top care for your ankle and feet. Our podiatry services cover diabetic foot care, foot and ankle pain, sports injuries, and other foot and ankle problems. We help our patients get rid of foot and ankle issues with an effective and stress-free process. Whether it is a slight discomfort or severe pain, we get you complete relief from any sort of podiatry issue.

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Ankle and Foot Health Clinic offer a variety of foot care services for multiple lower leg conditions. We ensure that your ankle and feet function properly by providing adequate treatment.


We help you cure Bunion Treatment and gets your feet normal in the early stages without surgery. The big toe joint carries most of your body weight, and its stress-free functioning is important for your healthy life.

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Big Toe Pain

Big Toe pain can be caused due to several reasons. We offer a complete cure for toe pain and prevent further painful medical conditions. Arthritis, fracture, or any other injury can cause pain in the big toe. We first diagnose and then heal your big toe in the best way.

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Flat Feet in Children

Flat Feet in Children can cause permanent disabilities such as ankles rolling inwards. AFHC provide complete flat feet treatment for children by providing arch support, physical therapy, and supportive exercises.

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    Healthy feet and ankles are a blessing. It not only keeps your mobility stress-free but also keep you 100% productive

    Ankle and Foot Health Clinic have experienced healthcare professionals who provide expert podiatric care to cure your ankle and foot-related issues. On your visit to Ankle and Foot Health Clinic, we offer a complete examination of your foot-related issue and review your previous medical to diagnose the main cause of your foot condition. Afterwards, we provide proper medicated and physical support to cure your feet without leaving any pain behind.

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